School Profile

Mission Statement

The mission of Indianapolis Academy of Excellence: A Challenge Foundation Academy is to develop students into virtuous American citizens who will become the next generation of entrepreneurs. Indianapolis Academy of Excellence encourages all students to excel within their own frameworks of talent and ambition, to become well informed, and engaged citizens. As a partnership involving students, teachers, and parents, IAE-CFA promotes development of sound moral character, leadership qualities, commitment to the community, and high academic and intellectual standards.



  • Established in 2013, Indianapolis Academy of Excellence will enroll students in grades Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.
  • Located in the Northside of Indianapolis serving a diverse population of students in an area of revitalization efforts led by several Quality of Life programs.
  • IAE-CFA offers a classical education utilizing a 21st Century approach which includes project based learning and blended learning.
  • High academic and moral standards using the Core Knowledge Sequence with data driven daily instruction.
  • A school environment that is safe and places a high value on communication between teachers and families.
  • Dress code to create an environment that is conducive to learning and respect.
  • Integrated history, geography, social studies, and science within the language arts program.


  • Utilizes the Core Knowledge Sequence.
  • Class sizes a maximum of 25 students.
  • Rich literature delivered through the latest technology to support the curriculum.
  • Fully integrated art, music, history, geography, social studies, and science within specific domains of study.
  • Singapore Math compliments our literacy based curriculum and provides a rigorous, proven methodology to excellence in mathematics.

Technology Plan

  • Our students will benefit from 1:1 computing beginning in first grade.
  • The blended learning approach allows our students to experience rich direct instruction, collaborative workshops, and digital learning.
  • Students are able to learn on their individual level to maximize the academic growth when in independent work time each day.
  • 21st Century technology is incorporated throughout the entire school and learning atmosphere.

School Culture

  • A strong focus on moral character and ethics is integrated throughout the school day.
  • The Responsive Classroom approach is a nationally used, research-backed way of teaching that improves students’ social and academic skills and raises teachers’ instructional quality.
  • Practical strategies for helping children build academic and social-emotional competencies are utilized every day.
  • Each student is treated as a unique individual.
  • Monthly core virtue lessons are delivered to students focusing on a specific virtue and a present day or historical hero.