Our Curriculum

The educational philosophy of IAE-CFA is to offer the highest quality education to every child. This will be accomplished by utilizing a variety of curricular tools.  Please see below for more information.

Core Knowledge- IAE-CFA utilizes the Core Knowledge Language Arts program that consists of two parts.  The first part is called the Skills Strand.  This incorporates learning letters and basics on how to learn to read.  Inside this strand, students learn grammar as well as writing. The second part is called Listening and Learning.  In this strand, students listen to the teacher read aloud various stories that contain rich science and social studies topics. Students will then create projects using hands on materials and also use technology to display their learning.

Compass Learning is an online program for students and teachers.  This program includes lessons and activities that are based off of the child’s individual test scores.  This allows students to be able to practice the skills that they need remediation on and therefore push them towards mastery.  Please see your child’s teacher for his or her login information.

enVision Math helps students develop a conceptual understanding of important math concepts through Problem- Based Interactive Learning, Visual Learning Bridges, and Visual Learning Animations.  It provides ongoing assessments to ensure that teachers are responding to students’ individual needs.  The program provides students the opportunity to succeed with the use of daily data-driven differentiated instruction.